Persian rugs are one of the highest quality rugs in the world. The rug making tradition of Persian rugs go back many millenia. Different tribes all across the Persian land created different kinds of rugs bringing to life Persian rugs in different styles, colors and sizes. It is surprising to find such a rich variety of rugs coming out of one culture. Although Persian land shares a common culture among its inhabitants, it is important to mention that there are striking differences between different tribes and different groups of people living all across this land. Henceforth, Persian rugs come in many different styles. Differences in culture is embodied in the differences in the rich variety of Persian rugs. Persian rugs come in different shapes and sizes embellished with affluent motifs. One of the oldest traditions of rug making has its roots among the people of Persia, creating Persian rugs. This can also be understood from the name this culture gave the kind of knot used in the making of Persian rugs. The ‘Persian knot’ also known as the ‘single not’ is used in the making of Persian rugs. One of the two main knot types used in the making of rugs along with the ‘Turkish knot’, the Persian knot has been used for centuries in the making of Persian rugs. Different designs Persian rugs offer make it easier for our customers to choose the perfect Persian rug for their home. Depending on the region it was made in, Persian rugs have geometric or floral designs and some of them have very simple designs bringing in mind some Moroccan or even Northern European designs.

Many believe Persian rugs inspired these kinds of rugs by people that learned rug making among people of Persia and moved to those lands aside from Persian people moving and settling in different lands carrying the rug making tradition with them. Marriage has also been a very effective way of carrying on the rug making tradition, making it richer. When a woman gets married to a man in a different region she carries the rug making tradition she has learned from her mother. Even though rugs are created in the new community she lives in, she knows the motifs and colors she learned from her mother. This usually results in Persian rugs carrying elements of tradition and culture from different communities. For as far as people have moved across vast lands, they have carried their traditions wherever they went. Rug making was one of these traditions and today we are enjoying such a rich variety of Persian rugs thanks to different cultures interacting with each other. Now are offering an even richer variety of Persian rugs in our collections thanks to the newer developments in rug making methods. We offer Persian rugs in many different color shades aside from their original colors. You can find overdyed vintage Persian rugs in our collections as well as distressed ones for those who prefer lighter colors while decoration their homes. At online rug store you can find our unparalleled collection of Persian rugs. We are confident we have any kind of Persian rug you may need while decorating your space.

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