The LifeCo is the first detox center in Turkey and certainly the best detox center in europe. Since it’s opening in 2002, The LifeCo Bodrum has been attraction celebrities from all around the world. The LifeCo Bodrum has been accommodating guests for over 15 years it started as a small establishment to serve just a bunch of people but with time through the success of the programs The LifeCo Bodrum has expanded to 40 rooms.

The success of The LifeCo has made it possible for it to expand to the world as well. The LifeCo has opened its first center outside of Turkey in Phuket Thailand.The LifeCo has different programs to offer to its guests; all of the programs are nutrition based and they are serving specific purposes such as weight loss, diabetes, liver support, anti-aging or even cancer prevention. Guests especially from Europe expect a calm environment with sunshine and a mild weather situation all around the year. Bodrum located in the aegean sea certainly delivers that.

The LifeCo has been hosting celebrities for over 15 years. World famous super models such as Kate Moss and Naomi Campbell come to The LifeCo every year. Because of the professional approach of The LifeCo many celebrities and business people from all around the world prefer enjoying their detox holidays in Bodrum.

Weight loss programs diabetes support programs liver cleanse programs and anti-aging programs are just a few of The LifeCo’s wide program selection. The relaxing environment of The LifeCo is one of a kind and it is providing the necssary healing environment for people suffering from chronic diseases. The LifeCo has been dealing with chronic diseases for over 10 years and during this process the guests are not receiving any chemicals, quite the opposite, the only nutrition they consume come from raw-vegan cuisine and the treatments are supplementary, such as vitamin-c IV, glutathione and many other natural therapies with proven benefits.

Detox Center in Bodrum