Investors who can invest their money for obtaining citizenship can take a look at Turkey. That’s because Turkey is offering an excellent opportunity for the investors to obtain Turkish citizenship. Before you go ahead with the Turkish citizenship by investment program, you should be aware about the complete steps associated with it. Then you will never get confused as you proceed. Continue to read and we will share all the steps associated with the process.

  • Get your tax registration number in Turkey

You should initially obtain your Turkish tax registration number. It is possible for you to use your original passport and get that from any of the tax offices located in Turkey.

  • Open your Turkish bank account

After obtaining the Turkish tax registration number, you will need to go ahead and open up your Turkish bank account. You will need to provide an official document that verifies your address to open the bank account. A utility bill that you have got is more than enough for this.

  • Locate a property to buy

Now you have done all the basic work and you can continue to locate a property that is available within Turkey for you to buy. There are multiple websites that list properties available for sale in the country. You can go through those websites and analyze the listings. This is where you can secure a deal that matches perfectly well with your needs. You will have the freedom to purchase a single unit or even get multiple units at a time. You just need to ensure that your investment is equivalent to at least $250,000.

  • Buy the property

Upon locating property in Turkey, you can go ahead and buy it. You will have to make the payment through a bank transfer. Then you can get the receipt for it. You should also ensure that Notarized Sales Contract or Title Deed Registry is annotated to the state, where you confirm that you will not be selling the property within three years from purchase date. Once three years are completed, you will be able to proceed with selling it.

  • Get your certificate of Conformity

You will need to go ahead and obtain the certificate of conformity as the next thing. If you can provide the official valuation survey along with the bank transfer receipt to the Turkish Ministry of Environment and Urbanization, you can obtain the certificate of conformity.

  • Apply for residency

As soon as you get the certificate of conformity, you will be able to proceed with applying for Turkish residency. You will need to do that at the Directorate General of Migration Management. Make sure that you submit all the documents as required, so that you can minimize the chances of rejection.

  • Apply for Turkish citizenship

The next step would be to apply for Turkish citizenship. You can also do this by visiting the Migration Management Department of Turkey. You will be asked to provide some documents for this as well.

Final words

Now you have a good understanding on how you will be able to obtain Turkish citizenship by going through Turkish citizenship by investment program. Make sure that you follow the steps as required to go through the process without making any mistakes. In case if you need any support, you shouldn’t think twice before you get it as well. This will help you to go through a smooth and a convenient process to obtain your citizenship without a challenge.

Steps to Follow and Obtain Turkish Citizenship by Investment